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We admire our story for it shows how well our hard work lights the fire

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Mr Aarav Patel, early forties, is a senior executive at one of the top telecom operators in India. He is by his desk that is located in a contemporary office cabin. He silently scans his documents, almost like a detective looking for significant clues. His branded binders show handwritten labels, with distinct colors, like a bouquet of flowers. An ivory-white ceramic penholder sits at one corner of his desk. Mont Blanc pens are shining and holding themselves at an angle inside the circular pen stand. He is wearing a pale blue color shirt. His company logo is embroidered on his shirt pocket.

While Mr Patel continues scanning his documents, he is feeling stressed. The Indian market environment fails to provide innovative telecommunicaiton solutions. He is wondering whether he and his team devote their limited business hours identifying, communicating, negotiating, and sourcing expensive products and solutions from an international firm, which does not have a local team or an office. Also, he is evaluating whether he can trust an international company with their sophisticated offerings? Further, he is assessing the inconveniences and challenges of sourcing distinct products and solutions from different representatives in India. Though the international company designs and fabricates quality products and solutions, he is additionally concerned about the performance of those offerings. Wouldn’t Mr Patel prefer remedies to safeguard the interest of his respected organization against weak performance of the products or services? Would the international firm provide Mr Patel a preferable credit period? What would Mr Patel do in case his team desires quality after sales support on christmas eve? Mr Patel finds a long list of questions belch like smoke emitting from an English steam engine.

Tirumala Seven Hills, founded and lead by Mr Vinod Kumar Khetawat, popularly known as VK, was established to be a stress-busting efficacious pill for Mr Patel. The most popular Hindu temple of Lord Venkateshwara inspired the name “Tirumala Seven Hills (TSH).” VK and his team of talented heroes rode a convoy of four-wheeled chariots—driven by their visceral motivation—to help Mr Patel. They came to rescue by bridging the gap between Mr Patel’s needs and internatoinal brands, who had relevant products or services. He felt relieved for TSH understood his specific needs and offered the largest range of products and services. Not only did TSH alleviate his stress, but also presented new tools or solutions to him proactively. This has helped Mr Patel devise competitive strategies in the market. He did not have to worry about training, post-sales services, warranty as TSH engineers rose to the occasion to help. He had a single window to the world of quality products and services that match his needs and performance expectations.

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Logo Story

TSHOldLogo.pngIn 2003, we wanted to create a memorable connection with Mr Patel. Also, we wanted to showcase our prowess in the rapidly growing wireless segment of the industry. Hence, we created our first logo with important attributes such as spirituality, disruptiveness, and dynamism. We have used a monotone purple shade that depicts spirituality, wisdom, determination, loyalty and hope. The logo elements, which represent waves that are entering and leaving the triangle, showcase transformation and change. Further, the waves—that consists of seven segments—together work to show our incessant efforts in providing the best products and solutions to match Mr Patel’s needs.

logonew.png During 2014, we created a brand new logo to reflect our new-shared vision. Our new logo is spiritual, profound, energetic, ambitious, and balanced. We also think it is absorbing, conscientious, futuristic, glamorous, progressive, rational, ritzy, sharp, and unstoppable. In the white space, you will notice a T, which not only depicts our company initial but also portrays a telecom tower with BTS Antenna. Mr Patel shared that he believes the logo resembles an alien space ship. We replied, in a humorous tone, it could be seen as an experienced vessel that is designed to carry us into the beautiful future.